Africa's Chinese debt problem
Africa’s Chinese debt problem. (Pic credits)

China is the largest foreign investor in Africa. China’s ambitious Border road initiative which aims to revive the historic Silk trade route has boosted the presence of China in Africa by many folds. Importance of African countries in China’s diplomacy is quite significant as Africa has large reserves of rare earth elements and minerals like Copper metal which is required for China’s dominance in manufacturing. The mines in countries like Zambia have fallen into hands of Chinese companies due to the debt trap techniques used by them. The deals made by the local African governments to transfer these mines into…

Indian economy’s concerning trend

Last year India faced one of the toughest lockdowns in the world in order to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Even though the lockdown was suggested as the best option by the WHO and other health experts then, they didn’t provide any guidelines on the strictness of the lockdown. The Indian government’s move to impose one of the toughest lockdowns in India was initially hailed by the local masses due to lack of understanding of the economical impacts of the lockdown. …

Crypto-currency for community. (Pic credits:

The rise of decentralized cryptocurrencies like bitcoin & ethereum have come to a surprise for many experts as according to them investing in cryptos was like buying thin air. In the last 10 years crypto currencies have seen exponential growth unlike any other field. Crypto currencies have completely changed the definition of risk and gain. In the short term the risk is high but the reward is too great to take such risk. The decentralized network of cryptocurrencies helped many people to gain financial autonomy. First time in the history of finance a person sitting in India can get the…

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believes in a new start, interested in economics, Geo-economics, Geo-politics, sustainability, self-help.

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