A poem on inflation

Amritanshu Raj
Dec 25, 2022


poem on inflation.

Inflation’s rise, a cruel surprise,

A creeping foe that never dies, It eats away at all we save,

Leaves us with less, a lesser wave.

Once comfortable, now we’re stressed,

Prices soar, our money’s less,

A simple life now hard to lead,

Inflation’s grip, a noose indeed.

We toil and sweat, but still we lack,

No matter how hard we work, we’re trapped,

In this cycle of rising cost,

Our happiness, a distant ghost.

But even as we fight and strive,

We must remember to stay alive,

To find the joy in each new day,

And hope that inflation will someday sway.

by: Amritanshu Raj



Amritanshu Raj

believes in a new start, interested in economics, Geo-economics, Geo-politics, sustainability, self-help.